Fabel - Fact Based Labelling

Brief Description

A system to implement Age Rated Certificate Censorship of Internet websites.

Detailed Description / Abstract

A sophisticated system for Age Rated Certificate censorship e.g. 12, 16, 18 etc is arrived at by successively describing how and why simpler systems will fail.

The end result is a system capable of applying censorship data to the entire Internet with modest effort, in a manner that allows individual countries to attribute their existing censorship values via their existing labelling/censorship systems.

Each country sees the solution being composed of two parts. An international part that must be implemented the same way in every participating country and a National part that allows each individual country to customise the system for their own laws and values.

The international part corresponds to facts i.e. things that all participating countries agree on. While the national part corresponds to opinions/values that participating countries can customise for their own needs, their own laws.

Full Research Document

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