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The creation of a Standard is proposed that will address issues/problems with Chat Rooms.

Detailed Description / Abstract

Currently paedophiles view Internet technologies as their friends allowing them easy anonymous access to children. Policing efforts, throughout the world, have helped address this issue. However a low cost long term solution is required that will have sufficient supervision and safeguards in place while delivering a preditator hostile, child friendly environment. Paedophiles should view Internet technologies as their enemies not their friends.

The creation of a Standard that will be supported by Third Party Validation by children's charities, is proposed. This togeather with Fabel Labelling will allow parents/guardians to control children's access to chatrooms that have appropriate safeguards in place. While some safeguards are discussed the intention is for children's charities and government organisations to monitor/update these safeguards as the tactics adopted by paedophiles change over time.

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